Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Stations of the Cross

If you are interested in implementing the Stations of the Cross in your congregation this year, and if you have a copy of the hymnal "This Far By Faith", turn to page 96 in the forepart of the book. There you will find 8 stations and a conclusion. This could be very meaningful for Good Friday worship.

Check it out and see what you think!

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

We have it at the Resource Center!

Making Sense of the Cross - the Leader Guide, Participant book, and the DVD are here for your consideration. It may be a possibility for Lenten study, adult forum, an evening Bible study or during the day. Whenever and however you decide to use it, you as leader or participant will be glad to be part of it and share it with others.

In the same casual conversational style as "Making Sense of Scripture", author David Lose brings out discussion that will cause readers to think about and experience the cross and its meaning in their lives.

Call now to reserve the set: 715-833-1153 or email at staff@synodresourcecenter.org

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Free resources from Augsburg Fortress!

This from Beth Lewis (to be shared with your synod/s):

Bet you didn’t know…..we have lots of free resources on our webstore!
Posted: 17 Jan 2012 03:33 PM PST

One of the ways we support congregational leaders is through the
creation of resources to help them incorporate our faith formation,
worship and music resources seamlessly into the life of their
congregations. Of course, many of these items are built right into
the resources themselves! But, in addition, we offer a number of free
resources that you can download. Here are just a few:

§ "Worship Helps" to assist in using items such as our Book of Faith
Lenten Journey, Water Marks not only in adult forums or small groups,
but as an integrated part of your Sunday morning or Wednesday night
Lenten worship services. These types of "Worship Helps" are available
for a number of other Book of Faith resources, as well! Look for the
"Worship Helps" tab toward the bottom of the product pages.

§ We have a free music planning calendar available on our store for
those of you who follow the lectionary.

§ We offer a number of free webinars on a variety of topics. While
some of them are product specific, more and more of them focus on
teaching and learning techniques or other helpful insights for
professional Christian educators and worship leaders or for members
who are engaged in congregational leadership. Our webinars are
offered at varying times during the day and evening because of the
wide range of scheduling needs and timezones across the country.

§ If you want to try out some of the innovative and very popular
sparkhouse resources for faith formation before you purchase them for
use in your confirmation class, youth group or high school Bible study
class, we offer complete lesson samples for free of both the print and
video resources for the re:form collection on our sparkhouse

§ For many years, Augsburg Fortress has been famous for hosting Music
Clinics in both the winter and summer in various cities across the USA
to assist church musicians with learning about and trying new pieces
of music. While the winter Music Clinics are almost concluded, be
sure to sign up for notification regarding future dates via our free
eNewsletters or on our Music Clinic Facebook page.

§ And, of course, our Little Red Book is now available as a free
download for your Google Calendar, Outlook Calendar, etc. to help you
keep up with the lectionary dates in the church year and much more!

So, if you are looking for something free to help with your ministry,
I hope you'll check out a few of these links. And, of course, please
share them with your local colleagues and via your own Facebook &
Twitter feeds!