Monday, July 18, 2011

Two new resources

Your Synod Resource Center has just received, as a gift from Chaplain Peter Muschinske, two DVDs that you will want to check out and view with your Adult Forum, Church Council, Youth Group or other interested people in your congregation.

One is entitled, "Dying to Live" which deals with the immigration issue that is changing the face of cultures worldwide...In the debate, what often gets lost are the human issues at stake. This DVD is a profound look at the human face of the migrant. It runs for 33 minutes

The other one is, "Strangers No Longer" which also confronts the migrant issue. It invites us to look into our past and notice the similarities that exist between ourselves and our ancestors when they came to this great land and those who are arriving now. This one runs for 22 minutes.

Give people in your congregation the opportunity to view these DVDs and discuss this very pertinent issue.