Tuesday, February 22, 2011

You've got to try this Bible study!

The Ruth Circle at Immanuel Lutheran Church in Eau Claire, Wisconsin have been using The Greatest Story monthly since November and are completely excited with what it has to offer. Previously, we had used No Experience Necessary, which they thoroughly enjoyed, too. So, we kept the check-in feature from that series and incorporated it into The Greatest Story. Otherwise, we follow the lesson plan which brings out great discussion with the questions at the end, as well as the reading assignments. The dvd with the sand art never fails to regale the fifteen to twenty participants!

Thank you to Augsburg Fortress and all the contributors for creating this marvelous study.

Monday, February 7, 2011

A new publication

Another new release from Alban Institute: "Welcome to Theological Field Education!" by a number of contributors, is designed to revitalize your ministry, whether you are new at your calling or a seasoned veteran. From the Foreword: "What we are treated to is nothing less than each author's copy of the music with its 'penciled annotations, the edges of the sheets rolled and frayed.' The reader gets to watch each of the authors play the piece. In field education, whichever of the roles - teacher, student, supervisor - they inhabit, they will try out their own interaction with its text. With these authors at their side they will discover and redisover the great joy of 'pressing the keys' and 'remembering the composition, creating sound, and evoking interpretation,' that is, they will discover and rediscover the great joy at the heart of their work." Written by Dudley C. Rose, Associate Dean, Ministry Studies, Harvard Divinity School.

Check this book out and revel in its help and teaching!