Saturday, June 19, 2010

Biblical Stewardship

Select Learning will film Dr. Powell in July for a new stewardship resource. Here is a sneak preview!

Biblical Stewardship: Our Duty and Delight

Mark Allan Powell, Trinity Lutheran Seminary, Columbus, Ohio

Stewardship means "belonging to God" -- all that we are and all that we have comes from God. We are grateful to God for it all, and responsible to God for how we use it.

There is a connection between stewardship and spirituality: generous giving as a spiritual discipline helps us to grow in Christ.

"Duty and delight" are both motivating factors for giving -- doing what we ought to do as responsible church members, and making cheerful sacrifices out of love for God.

The over-arching theme of each session will be this is good news…

the biblical message of financial stewardship is promising and encouraging

not (usually) guilt-inducing

biblical stewardship is a way of life

and for many of us, it just may be the way to a better life.

Session 1: Belonging to God

Session 2: What is a Steward

Session 3: Treasures and Hearts

Session 4: Motives for Giving

Session 5: Duty and Delight

Session 6: Cheerful Sacrifices

Bonus Session for congregational development

Available from Select Learning: September 2010

Price: $49.95