Monday, April 4, 2011

New resources coming soon!

There are new resources from Augsburg Fortress coming soon to your
Synod Resource Center. The new hard cover, Spark Study Bible for grades
3 and up, is here. We have a shipment coming which is a second
printing. The first printing sold out almost immediately so our
shipment may be delayed. It is a great publication, complete with the
ever-popular stickers.
If you are enjoying the re:form resource, you will like re:form
Traditions. A Lutheran, Methodist, and Reformed team have worked
together to create re:form Traditions that teach these three branches
of the Christian faith. AND, make it fun for the students to learn
about them.
The new Greatest Story is an ecumenical publication that does not have
references to the Lutheran Study Bible. Some who wanted to use the
study, didn't have the LSB, so all references to it were taken out. Any
Bible can be used in this new version.
There will be another study with The Greatest Story format, called The
Greatest Story: The Church - Walk Through the Gospels and will have a
new sand art DVD to go along with the lessons. This will be a wonderful addition to your adult studies.
If you would like to preview any of these items, call your Resource
Center. Some materials may not be published for a few weeks. Call ahead
to find out for sure: 715-833-1153.